Weekly news - 19th April 2013

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Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)/TUPE Consultation – DrugScope response (PDF)

TUPE has been particularly relevant to the drug and alcohol sector…where consolidation and merger have been more common. The transfer of services between providers and the movement of services from the public sector has been a notable trend…The future landscape may be more complex… | DrugScope, UK

Making the connection: Developing integrated approaches to domestic violence and substance misuse (PDF)

This is the final report of DrugScope/LDAN’s Domestic Violence project, which ran for four years and was funded by London Councils, and which focused on the development of a cross-sectoral network bringing together domestic violence and drug and alcohol services. The report presents the key learning from the project | DrugScope, UK

Afghan farmers return to opium as other markets fail

Three times as much opium was produced in Helmand last year as when British troops went there in 2006, and a new UN forecast says that this year's crop will be even higher. Opium is the raw material for heroin, and most of the illegal drugs for sale on the UK's streets come from Afghanistan | BBC, UK

Did cocaine use by bankers cause the global financial crisis?

Coked-up bankers caused the credit crunch, according to the former drug tsar David Nutt. One former City worker can well believe it | Guardian, UK

Radio Five Live Drive – heroin and Afghanistan

Radio Five Live feature (15th April) on opium production in Afghanistan - the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) forecasts an increase in opium production this year. Includes an interview with Harry Shapiro, DrugScope’s Director of Communications and Information – starts at 2:22:50 | Radio 5 Live, UK

DDN Magazine

Katy Swaine Williams and José Aguiar discuss much-needed steps to reform women’s justice in this issue. Plus we ask, Do emerging drug use trends in parts of London’s gay scene risk creating a new health crisis? | DDN, UK

Summit to discuss use of legal highs in Scotland

The dangers of legal highs - substances mimicking the effects of illegal drugs - are to be discussed by police, health workers and the Scottish government | BBC, UK

Jersey drug seizures double at post office

Drug seizures at Jersey's Post Office doubled last year compared with 2011 figures, according to customs | BBC, UK

Tobacco companies keep people smoking despite UK cigarette tax increases

Raising tobacco prices is one of the most effective means of reducing tobacco use, particularly among price-sensitive smokers such as young people and people with low incomes | Medical Express, UK

Tobacco control

Open access to all articles and commentaries from this May 2013 journal supplement | BMJ, UK

Light drinking 'not harmful to baby' say scientists

Light drinking during pregnancy does not harm child behavioural or mental development, reports the journal BJOG | BBC, UK

Drug experts urge action to raise awareness on dangers of legal highs

Drug experts have called for action across the board to raise awareness of the dangers of so-called legal highs as the impact of the new psycho-active substances on communities in Scotland was revealed | Herald Scotland, UK

Save someone: launch of new look for Scotland's take home naloxone programme information materials

Save SomeOne! That’s the message from new look information materials on Scotland’s world-leading lifesaving community-based naloxone programme which are being launched across the country this week | SDF, UK 

Brighton considers drug-use rooms in bid to reduce deaths

Brighton could become the first city in the UK to provide rooms where people would be able to use illegal drugs safely without the fear of prosecution | BBC, UK

Consumption rooms for legal drug-taking around the world

A recent study commissioned by Brighton and Hove city council recommended the opening of drug consumption rooms, places where people could inject drugs under medical supervision without fear of prosecution | BBC, UK

Internet drug dealing on the rise, survey finds

Global Drug Survey suggests Silk Road is just the most visible aspect of a much larger online drug-dealing phenomenon | Guardian, UK

One in five recreational drug users 'taken advantage of sexually'

One in five recreational drug users in the UK has been taken advantage of sexually while vulnerable after alcohol or drug use | Guardian, UK

The real driver behind most drug use is pleasure, not dependence

Drugs discourse almost always fails to discuss drug-related harms in the context of drug-related pleasure | Guardian, UK