Weekly news - 26th April 2013

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MixMag's global drug survey: the results

This year’s Global Drug Survey was conducted in partnership with the Guardian and Gay Timeswas the biggest so far, with over 22,000 responses from all over the world | MixMag, UK

Global drug survey reveals popularity of mystery powders

The results of the Mixmag Global Drug Survey, released yesterday, revealed that one in five regular clubbers had snorted or ingested a mystery powder | MixMag, UK

Minimum alcohol pricing may not happen over 'big, bossy government' fears

Minimum alcohol pricing may be scrapped over fears the Coalition would seem like a "big bossy government cracking down on people who don't have a problem", a health minister has admitted | Telegraph, UK

MDMA pills & powders - all that glistens is not gold - video

As MDMA crystal becomes the favoured and most common form of E, drugs meter minutes look into what's in pills and powders in 2012/13. We visit a toxicology lab and see the biggest pill, the littlest pill and the Olympic pills | YouTube, UK

Anger at two cannabis arrests after hundreds flout law

Drugs campaigners say police should have done more when hundreds of people smoked cannabis in central London on Saturday and only two were arrested | BBC, UK

Letter to MEPs on the EU Parliament ENVI Committee

In a letter to MEPs on the EU Parliament ENVI Committee, regarding the proposed regulation of electronic cigarettes in the draft Tobacco Products Directive, Professor Gerry Stimson makes the case for ‘twin-track’ regulation | Knowledge, Action, Change, UK

Drug Seizures by Scottish Police Forces 2011-12 - main findings

The main findings are: There were 29,509 drug seizures by Scottish police forces in 2011-12, an increase of 10.5% on the 26,693 seizures in 2010-11... | Scottish Government, UK

Anna Soubry: Minimum alcohol pricing is still Government policy

Anna Soubry, the minister for public health, has said that minimum alcohol pricing is still necessary despite David Cameron scrapping the controversial measures | Telegraph, UK

Minimum pricing: Drinks industry 'distorted evidence'

The alcohol industry has been accused of distorting evidence in an attempt to influence the Scottish government over its minimum pricing policy | BBC, UK

Spectre of workplace alcohol tests hang over employees

More than 14m working days are apparently lost to hangovers, absenteeism or alcohol related illnesses each year, but instant tests should perhaps be used cautiously | Guardian, UK

Fingerprint test for alcohol and drinking in workplace

Millions of workers face routine alcohol testing using a new fingerprint device which gives instant results | Metro, UK

Class A drugs policy failing, say prison governors

Current policy on illegal drugs creates victims of crime and more prisoners at a cost to taxpayers, the Prison Governors Association (PGA) has argued | BBC, UK

Industry Use of Evidence to Influence Alcohol Policy: A Case Study of Submissions to the 2008 Scottish Government Consultation

We examine how research evidence is used in alcohol industry submissions made to a Scottish Government consultation in 2008 to advocate policies in line with their commercial interests | PLOS medicine, UK

A drug policy for the 21st century

The Obama Administration’s plan to reduce drug use and its consequences—the National Drug Control Strategy—represents a 21st century approach to drug policy. This science-based plan, guided by the latest research on substance use, contains more than 100 specific reforms to support our work to protect public health and safety in America | White House, USA

Alcohol minimum pricing “right thing to do”

Scotland’s commitment to introduce minimum unit pricing is “the right thing to do” in the battle to tackle alcohol misuse, Alex Neil will tell an audience in Brussels | Scottish Government, UK