Weekly news - 4th January 2013

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How to make drug policy better: key findings from UKDPC research into drug policy governance

This study of drug policy governance (PDF), or how drug policy is made has identified important issues for good governance, where the system seems to be going wrong, and options for improving the way policy is made | UKDPC, UK

Alcohol Concern and British Liver Trust launch January campaigns

Two national charities have launched different campaigns urging people to cut down on their alcohol consumption | BBC, UK

Is Britain's relationship with illegal drugs changing?

The Today programme's Tom Bateman has been trying to find out what is really changing in Britain's relationship with illegal drugs | BBC Radio 4, UK

Smoking: Can the nation kick the habit?

Ever since the link between smoking and lung cancer was established beyond doubt in the 1950s, there has been a push to persuade people to quit | BBC, UK

Dutch drug policy, pragmatic as ever

The Dutch approach is about curtailing crime and hard drug use – and tourists needn't worry too much about a new rule | Guardian, UK

Babies born during recessions grow up more likely to have drug problems and become involved in crime according to new study

New research suggests a generation of troubled teenagers is being raised right now - affected by the economic depression and malaise of the last five years | Mail Online, UK

City interview: Greene King boss calls time on binge Britain

Rooney Anand, the boss of Greene King, argues that binge drinking has become a dangerous national pastime | Mail Online, UK