Weekly news - 19th July 2013

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Consultation on standardised packaging of tobacco products - press release

The summary report (PDF) of the responses to the public consultation on standardised packaging of tobacco products has today been published | Dept of Health, UK

Downing Street denies claims Tory party adviser influenced U-turn on plain cigarette packets

Downing Street denied claims that plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes were put on hold due to pressure from one of David Cameron's advisers with links to the tobacco industry | Telegraph, UK

David Cameron told to sack strategy chief over link to tobacco giants

Lynton Crosby must go, urges former Lib Dem health minister, as cross-party anger grows over U-turn on cigarettes | Observer, UK

ASH: 'Good evidence' plain cigarette packets will work - audio

The government has confirmed that it is putting plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes on hold | BBC, UK

Effectiveness Bank downloads top 2 million; top ten in the list

At the start of July 2013 downloads of Effectiveness Bank analyses topped the two million mark - over two million opportunities for drug/alcohol practitioners mainly working in Britain to achieve more for their clients, children and communities based on research evidence. Lists the top ten most downloaded analyses | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drug amnesty bins at T in the Park over deaths linked to 'Rolex' ecstasy pills

The death of a seventh teenager linked to fake ecstasy tablets in Scotland has prompted police in Glasgow to introduce drug bins at this weekend’s T in the Park festival | Independent, UK

Latest additions to the Effectiveness Bank

First two additions to the Effectiveness Bank are about unintended consequences of no-drinking laws - for underage drinkers and drivers and the victims of their drink-driving, and for street drinkers. Perhaps some of this harm could have been prevented if school-based prevention had focused on reducing harm. Lastly, high buprenorphine doses help keep opiate-addicted patients in treatment - but is this what we want? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Charities call for more specialist support in London for women with drug and alcohol problems involved in prostitution - press release

A new report is being launched in London at City Hall by DrugScope and Against Violence and Abuse (AVA), highlighting the link between drug and alcohol use and street prostitution and calling for action by Government and local services to support women to tackle the ‘double stigma’ of drug use and prostitution | DrugScope, UK

Government’s response to the alcohol strategy consultation

Minister of State for Crime Prevention Jeremy Browne gives a statement on the alcohol strategy consultation | Home Office, UK

Targeted action to tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder

The Home Office has set out a number of measures to tackle drunkenness and disorder blighting town centres in England and Wales. A ban on sales of alcohol below the level of duty plus VAT will stop the worst cases of heavy discounting by retailers | Home Office, UK

Alcohol Strategy consultation report: PHE response

Public Health England shares the disappointment of the public health community that the introduction of a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol is not being taken forward at this point, although it recognises that this remains under active consideration | PHE, UK

Health advisers quit over scrapping of minimum alcohol price

A group of government advisers has resigned in protest at David Cameron’s decision not to introduce a minimum price for alcohol | Telegraph, UK

Sheffield Alcohol Research Group - New research on impacts of alcohol pricing policies, July 2013

A selection of treports and analyses on MUP and other alcohol pricing policies | University of Sheffield, UK

Landmark conviction in Leeds ‘legal highs’ campaign

The proprietor of a Leeds market stall has been convicted over the sale of so-called ‘legal highs’ in the first case of its kind in the country | Halifax Courier, UK

Coffee Shops and Compromise: Separated Illicit Drug Markets in the Netherlands (PDF)

This report tells the history of the Dutch approach and describes the ongoing success of the country’s drug policy. This includes the impact of the Dutch “separation of markets,” which potentially limits people’s exposure and access to harder drugs | Open Society Foundations, USA

Cannabis psychosis admissions rose after drug reclassified to Class B

Study suggests home secretary's attempt to reduce cannabis-induced psychosis by upgrading the drug to Class B failed | Guardian, UK

Alcohol deaths in young women show 'worrying rise'

Deaths from alcohol-related disease in young women are rising, contrary to the overall trend, a study suggests | BBC, UK - see also:'Worrying' rise in drink deaths among Glasgow women | BBC, UK

The Alcohol Strategy – where now for alcohol education?

The Government’s alcohol strategy seems a very different beast to the one that was launched last year.  Then there was broad support from the public health interest and concern and consternation from some in the alcohol industry, today that’s reversed | Mentor, UK

What makes for an effective school alcohol policy?

An effective school alcohol policy comes from many factors: senior leadership support; a whole school approach to drugs and alcohol; consultation with the school community; integrating education, support and prevention… you can find out more in our toolkit for schools revising their drug and alcohol policy | MentorADEPIS, UK

SMMGP Policy Update May-June 2013

Clinical and policy updates | SMMGP, UK

Cory Monteith: The heroin users who don't fit the 'junkie' stereotype

Fans were shocked when fresh-faced Glee actor Cory Monteith died from a heroin and alcohol binge. But he is far from the only drug user to depart from the stereotype | BBC, UK