Weekly news - 15th March 2013

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Number of drugs in Scots prisons at 10 year high

The number of drugs found in Scotland’s prisons reached a 10 year high with nearly 2,000 illegal substances seized from inmates in 2012, newly released figures have revealed | Scotsman, UK

DDN Magazine

The latest issue feeds back from the recent 'Be The Change' event and finds that Service user involvement is thriving | DDN, UK

CND blog

Reporting live from the 56th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs | CND Blog, USA

Ex drug users and alcoholics 'can make the best workers' says Iain Duncan Smith

Former drug users and alcoholics can make the best employees, Iain Duncan Smith will say on Tuesday, as he sets out plans to get more addicts off benefits and into work | Telegraph, UK

New drug 4-MA to be placed under control across the EU

Europe has responded to concerns over the use of the stimulant drug 4-methylamphetamine (4-MA) by subjecting it to ‘control measures and criminal penalties’ throughout the Union | EMCDDA, Portugal

Drug education legacy 'more important' than Amy's music

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme will be rolled out to 50 secondary schools across the UK today | ITV News, UK

Democracy 2015 group asks for public’s opinion on drugs issue

Democracy 2015, the pressure group that aims to open up Parliament to representatives who are not career politicians, is to hold a series of public meetings to hear what people say about the UK’s drug problems | Independent, UK

Recovering Addicts 'Can Be Top Employees'

Iain Duncan Smith has championed the benefits of employing drug addicts and alcoholics as he launched a new drive to get them back into work | Sky News, UK

Rockstar and AMT warning after Hamilton 'drug death'

Police believe that tablets similar to ecstasy may be involved in the death of a man in South Lanarkshire | BBC, UK

Amy Winehouse Foundation launches drug programme

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has launched a drug and alcohol educational programme for schools in England | BBC Newsbeat, UK

Minimum alcohol price still in balance as Cameron fudges his booze pledge

Prime minister tells Commons he wants to curb amount of cheap booze but will not explicitly promise unit price change | Guardian, UK

Government 'still evaluating' minimum alcohol price plan

Home Office minister Jeremy Browne has told MPs the government is still consulting on plans to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol | BBC, UK

Chief Executive's report to the NTA board (PDF)

As the Board convenes for the last time I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the changes to the provision and effectiveness of drug treatment over the eleven and a half years since the National Treatment Agency’s first Board meeting in July 2001 | NTA, UK

Anthrax found in drug user's body in Glasgow

An injecting drug user who died earlier this week has tested positive for anthrax, health officials have said | Independent, UK