Daily news - 10th June 2021

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UK news

London’s first dedicated detox unit for homeless people set to open

Service, led by PHE London, was set up in partnership with the Greater London Authority, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, borough councils and the City of London Corporation | PHE, UK

'Fake prescription drugs left my son brain damaged'

Joe began buying what he believed were genuine diazepam and Xanax pills from the internet to help with anxiety | BBC, UK

'Cannabis sweets': NI schools issue warning to parents

The Department of Education (DE) said a young child had to be assessed in hospital after they "inadvertently consumed cannabis" when eating the sweets | BBC, UK

‘Change-resistant drinkers’, domestic homicides, and vulnerable adult deaths

Natalie Davies talks to Mike Ward about his work on safeguarding adult reviews and domestic homicide reviews. Senior Consultant at Alcohol Change UK, with over 30 years’ experience in the substance use and mental health fields, Mike shares valuable insight into the concept of ‘change-resistant drinkers’, and why he believes that multi-agency management and assertive outreach are key to working with drinkers with complex needs | SSA, UK

Factsheets - FASD

Series of new factsheets on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) | Adoption UK, UK


International news

Afghanistan: Drugs and Terrorism

To ask Her Majesty's Government how they plan to continue to counter (1) the terrorist threat, and (2) the trafficking of narcotics, in Afghanistan, whilst also protecting the vital progress made on human rights in that country since 2001 | They work for you, UK

Trump surgeon general under fire for questioning beers for vaccine

The doctor asked if cigarettes would be the next offered incentive | Independent, UK

EU report says ‘worrying’ cocaine trend also seen in Ireland

Quantity of illicit drugs seized and the value of cash confiscated from gangs reached record levels in the State last year | Irish Times, Ireland

European Drug Report 2021

Latest report on the drug situation in the European Union - Looks at: COVID-19 - How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected drug use and supply?;
Drug use and harms - What drugs are causing the most concern today?
Drug production - What are the latest trends in drug production and trafficking? | EMCDDA, Portugal

European drug market proves resilient to COVID-19 disruption - news release

Based on data from 29 countries (EU 27, Turkey and Norway), the report offers new insights into the health and security implications of a complex and evolving drugs problem and of a drug market resilient to COVID-19 disruption | EMCDDA, Portugal

What are the lessons to be learnt from the European Drug Report 2021?

The new EU Drugs Strategy 2021–25 makes explicit that the European response to drugs should be evidence-based and delivered through a balanced and integrated approach, which ultimately must be judged on its impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of our citizens | EMCDDA, Portugal

European Drug Report 2021: highlights - video

The European Drug Report provides a comprehensive analysis of patterns emerging across the EU, Turkey and Norway in the areas of drug supply, illicit drug use and associated public health problems. National data sets are also provided across these themes and on key harm-reduction interventions | EMCDDA, Portugal

New benzodiazepines in Europe – a review

This report provides a technical review of the current body of knowledge regarding new benzodiazepines that are monitored by the EU Early Warning System. The aims of this report are to strengthen situational awareness of new benzodiazepines in Europe, and to help stakeholders prepare for and respond to public health and social threats caused by such substances | EMCDDA, Portugal

New report highlights public health risks and increasing availability of ‘designer benzodiazepines’ in Europe - news release

New benzodiazepines, which are not controlled by international drug laws, come under the spotlight today in a new report released by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA). Often marketed as ‘designer benzodiazepines’, these substances are sold as ‘legal’ replacements for controlled benzodiazepines and are becoming increasingly available in Europe | EMCDDA, Portugal

Alcohol companies earned billions from underage drinking in 2016

Underage youth consumed $17.5 billion worth, or 8.6 percent, of the alcoholic drinks sold in 2016. Products from three alcohol companies—AB Inbev, MillerCoors and Diageo—accounted for nearly half of youth consumption, according to a new study... | Medical Xpress, USA

Many adults with cardiovascular disease know the risks, yet still don't stop smoking

Many adults with a history of cardiovascular disease (CVD) continue to smoke cigarettes and/or use other tobacco products, despite knowing it increases their risk of having another cardiovascular event, according to new research... | EurekAlert, USA

High sensation-seeking personality trait confers susceptibility to drug addiction

People who have a high sensation-seeking personality trait may be more likely to develop an addiction to cocaine, according to a Rutgers study | News Medical, USA

Low doses of "laughing gas" could be fast, effective treatment for severe depression

In a phase 2 clinical trial, researchers found a one-hour inhalation session with 25% nitrous oxide gas improved depression symptoms for over two weeks | EurekAlert, USA

Poll Shows Huge Public Opposition to “War on Drugs,” After 50 Years

At a press conference on June 17, 1971, President Richard Nixon declared “drug abuse” to be “public enemy number one” in the United States | Filter Magazine, USA

Opioid vending machines could be the next big thing in safe supply

The doctor who introduced Canada’s MySafe program thinks the technology may save lives | Ricochet, USA

BC’s Opioid Substitution System Isn’t a System at All, Say Frontliners

Safer alternatives to toxic street drugs are still far too difficult to access across the province | The Tyee, Canada

Re: Nangs to the door: the curious rise of NZ’s ‘whipped cream’ industry

After months of being advertised whipped cream dispensers on his social media, Re:  journalist Baz Macdonald decided to look into the world of New Zealand’s drug grey market | ReNews, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Governments must fund treatment services or risk further failure in the war on drugs

European governments must commit to adequately funding the support services they help create the demand for | Independent voices, UK

Expert reaction to study looking at drinking alcohol and the chances of becoming pregnant

A study published in Human Reproduction looks at alcohol intake and fecundability during menstrual cycle phases | Science Media Centre, UK

Opinion: The Public Want Change. It’s Time to Reschedule Psilocybin

When otherwise polarised groups are shown to agree on some political measure, the smart politician takes note. To that end, the magic mushroom story du jour should make for particularly interesting reading in Westminster | Volteface opinion, UK

Opinion: Harm reduction and drug addiction recovery must go hand-in-hand

"I wouldn't be alive without harm reduction and I wouldn't have the life I have without my recovery. Hand-in-hand, passing that baton." | Vancouver is Awesome, Canada