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DrugWise Weekly - 5th August 2022




In date order: Monday to Friday

Analysis: Drug misuse and suicidal behaviour more common on the anniversary of a parent’s death

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Scott Montgomery (UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health) shares his new research finding that young people who lost a parent are most likely to be admitted to hospital for drug use or self-harm around the anniversary of their death | UCL, UK

Welsh Government Unveils Smoke-free Wales Roadmap

Welsh Government has launched an ambitious new tobacco control strategy for Wales, which seeks to secure a smoke-free society, less than 5% of the adult population smoking, by 2030.  The strategy lays out firm actions and polices with the aim of finally ending the tobacco epidemic in Wales | ASH Wales, UK

Vaping among teens: A growing trend?

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers who are not former or current smokers. Young people who use e-cigarettes, or ‘vape’, often use small disposable devices that can contain the maximum permitted nicotine concentration. This article looks at research on the possible adverse health effects of vaping for young people and how the government has said it wants to prevent non-smokers and the young from using e-cigarettes | House of Lords library, UK

Here’s How to Make Music Festivals Safer for Everyone

We went to Secret Garden Party to explore the innovative ways they are tackling drug use, mental health and sexual assault | VICE, UK

Assessing the feasibility of using place-based health information in alcohol licensing: case studies from seven local authorities in England

As in most other countries, England has no explicit alcohol licensing objective around health, so objections to applications tend to focus on the traditional concerns of crime and public disorder. We examined the practicalities of using health-related information in local licensing decisions and the prospects for a dedicated health-associated licensing objective | Cities and Health, UK

Hundreds of vapes confiscated in Scottish schools

A number of councils in Scotland have seen a significant rise in pupils vaping in high schools, according to reports | Herald, UK

Guernsey ban on smoking product branding

The States of Guernsey has banned the use of branding on cigarette and loose tobacco packaging | BBC, UK

NHS help 15,000 pregnant women quit smoking as national rates plummet

The latest statistics show that midwives and other NHS staff have helped almost 15,000 expectant mothers quit smoking in the last three years | NHE, UK

Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales: 2021 registrations

Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales from 1993 to 2021, by cause of death, sex, age and substances involved in the death. 4,859 deaths related to drug poisoning were registered in 2021 in England and Wales, equivalent to a rate of 84.4 deaths per million people; this is 6.2% higher than the rate recorded in 2020 (79.5 deaths per million) | ONS, UK

There Were 112 Cocaine Deaths in England in 2011. Last Year There Were 840

Official data shows a record rise in drug deaths despite COVID-related lockdowns | VICE, UK

Alcohol-specific deaths

This statistical report details information on the number of deaths that were registered in Scotland in 2021 which are classified as alcohol-specific. It also includes breakdowns by sex, age, cause of death and deprivation | National Records of Scotland, UK

Slight increase in Alcohol-specific Deaths

1,245 people died from conditions caused by alcohol in Scotland in 2021, according to latest figures published by National Records of Scotland. The number of deaths is 5% (55) higher than 2020 and is the highest number of deaths since 2008. More detailed analysis shows the rate of mortality from alcohol-specific causes was 22.3 deaths per 100,000 people in 2021. Whilst this is higher than the 21.5 deaths per 100,000 in 2020, it is not a statistically significant increase, and remains below the peak rate of deaths from alcohol in 2006 | National Records of Scotland, UK

Alcohol deaths at highest level since 2008

The number of people in Scotland whose death was caused by alcohol has risen again and remains at the highest level since 2008 | BBC, UK

The deadly consequences of Britain’s lockdown drinking - podcast

What will the cost be of our lockdown drinking habits? A University of Sheffield study has estimated England could have up to 25,000 excess deaths over the next 20 years | Guardian, UK

Pain-relief shortage in poorer countries ‘due to stigma of US opioids crisis’

Palliative doctors call for relaxation of laws to redress huge unmet need for drugs among majority of world’s population | Guardian, UK

Brittney Griner: US basketball star jailed for nine years on drug charges

The double Olympic winner has admitted possessing cannabis oil, but told the court she had made an "honest mistake" | BBC, UK

Tobacco giant’s cash for vapes scheme paused after backlash from Australian health experts

Proposed program that would see Philip Morris pay pharmacists $275 when they order VEEV vapes labelled ‘nothing short of appalling’ | Guardian, UK

New European survey sheds light on how Irish people are using drugs

Among the survey sample of people who have used drugs in the last year, cannabis was the most commonly used drug, followed in order by cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine. In the last year, 36% of respondents had used one drug, 20% used two different drugs, and 44% used three or more. Among 18–24-year-old respondents, 55% of males and 50% of females had used three or more drugs in the past year | HRB, Ireland