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Weekly news - 30th April 2021

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In date order, Monday to Friday:

RMOC Buprenorphine Long-acting Injection Guidance

On behalf of the national Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee system, RMOC (South) has led development of “Buprenorphine long-acting injection: considerations for opioid substitution treatment use in community settings and secure environments in England” | Specialist Pharmacy Service, UK

Members of the House of Lords debate Commission on Alcohol Harm report

On 22 April, a debate was held in the House of Lords about the report by the Commission on Alcohol Harm ‘It’s Everywhere’—Alcohol’s Public Face and Private Harm | AHA UK, UK

Over a third have changed their drinking habits over the past year

Over a third of people (34.4%) reported a change in their drinking habits over the last year, and of those nearly half (49.1%) say they are currently drinking more alcohol compared to March/April 2020, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study | UCL, UK

Children: Social Services

We are also investing a further £17 million through the 'Supporting Families: Investing in Practice' programme, enabling local authorities to help keep families safe by embedding Family Drug and Alcohol Courts, Family Group Conferencing, and the Mockingbird Family Model... | They work for you, UK

Debunking Myths: Naloxone, The Life-Saving Antidote To Opioid Overdose

The recent naloxone and overdose awareness campaign launched in the UK has stimulated an important conversation amongst many: what is naloxone? Though patented back in 1961, it is only now, in the midst of an opioid epidemic, that naloxone is beginning to assert itself within the general public | Talking Drugs, UK

Our hepatitis C awareness week

From Monday 26th to Friday 30th April, the whole of our Cambridgeshire service will be running our own hepatitis C awareness week. Services Manager Paul Pescud and Lead Nurse Ben Jones told us all about their plans for promoting awareness and action | Change Grow Live, UK

Police officers across North Wales to carry life-saving spray for drug overdoses

Police Officers across North Wales will be equipped with a “miracle” nasal spray which acts as an antidote to a drugs overdose after two lives were saved during a pilot project | Bangor Aye, UK

Free e-cigarettes for smokers in A&E trial

Smokers attending emergency departments will be given free e-cigarettes and taught how to use them, in a trial designed to help people quit | BBC, UK

MPs debate alcohol labelling

Dan Carden MP, who proposed the debate, called the Government consultation on alcohol labelling—part of the obesity strategy— “a welcome positive step” that would help consumers make more informed choices about their own health and wellbeing | AHA, UK

Alcohol Products: Labelling

When we consider the role of alcohol in our society, we see that there is a balance to be struck. As with many things in life, there is the good and there is the bad, because we cannot escape the very real harm alcohol inflicts | They work for you, UK

Substance use and depression more closely linked for generation Z teens

Substance use and antisocial behaviour are more likely to go hand-in-hand with poor mental health for generation Z teens compared to millennial adolescents growing up a decade earlier, finds a new UCL study | UCL, UK

Pleasant Lands

Industrial hemp cultivation is permitted under licence in the UK and farmers
are able to process the seeds and stalks for a defined commercial use, such
as producing hemp seed oil, textiles and building materials. Yet despite
unprecedented global expansion hemp remains classified as a niche crop
in the UK - with cultivation estimated at only 800 hectares annually, a tiny
fraction compared to the US or Australia | Volteface, UK

Heroin to Holyrood? Man behind 'illegal' drug van runs for Scottish parliament – video

Peter Krykant, who operates a van in Glasgow where people can safely take illegal drugs, is running for Holyrood as part of a campaign calling for the Scottish government to establish legal sites | Guardian, UK

LONG READ: Dundee police trial carrying Naloxone in hope of battling city’s drug death epidemic

A pilot scheme has been launched in three council areas across Scotland, with Dundee officers given the option to carry the nasal spray, which reverses the effects of an overdose from opiate drugs such as heroin | Dundee Evening Telegraph, UK

Alcohol marketing versus public health: David and Goliath?

Alcohol harms are rising globally, and alcohol policies, where they exist, are weak or underdeveloped. Limited progress has been made since the formulation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Strategy in 2010. WHO is seeking to accelerate progress in implementing international efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol | BMC Public Health, UK